Why Lawyers Say No

It can be an incredibly upsetting experience. You’ve been injured, you know someone has done harm to you, and you have come to a lawyer for help. Then, after they listen to your story, they tell you no. It’s easy to take that experience and feel a great deal of anger and betrayal. After all, what do personal injury lawyers do but tell you that they want you to come to them for help? And now that you’ve come, you hear the one word you didn’t expect: no. However, it’s important to understand why lawyers say no and what it means for you and your case.

There’s one main reason that lawyers say no. It isn’t because they don’t think you have a case; it’s because they think your case isn’t right for them. Lawyers have a difficult job in keeping the right balance in their caseload. They want to take as many cases as they can, because that allows them to help the most people. They also want to do a good job in every case they take. That creates a tension in their choices. You can only put your full effort into so many cases at once. When too many cases come along at once, you have to choose some to say no to.

Adams Law Firm echoes this point in explaining the philosophy of their firm. They explain that they say no to cases more often than they say yes because they want to provide the best legal assistance possible for each client they say yes to. This is probably the case for most good law firms. The lawyer who said no to you was not saying you were a fool for wanting to pursue a case or that you have no case. Instead, they are saying they are not the lawyer, at this particular moment, to take your case. They may have a huge caseload or the case may be outside their area of experience. It may be a case that will require a great deal of time and focus that they just can’t spare at the moment.

This is an important point to understand because too many people take no from the first lawyer they talk to and assume the worst. They give up on their claim, and they try to deal with the awful consequences of their accident on their own. They assume no means there is no potential for a case.

That’s why I want to make this point very clear: don’t stop pursuing your claim when you hear no. That’s no for that one lawyer, not for all lawyers. If you hear no, go to the next law office and try there. If you hear no again, try another. There are likely many lawyers in your area, and if you show some dedication, you are almost certain to find a lawyer for your case.

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