Cars and Bikes Rights on the Road

The NHTSA gets every road user, especially motorists, to honor the rights on the highway because this is the ideal way to produce a transportation environment that is safe. Legally speaking, bicycles have the same privileges on the highway as every other sort of motor vehicle. Though, several drivers have declined motorcyclists space they require on the way, bringing on substantial amounts in dead and badly wounded bicyclists.

Based on Williams Kherkher‘s website, there were about 51,000 injured and 600 killed cyclists last year alone. These numbers have continued to rise in the last couple of years, showing the excellent danger to after bikers start to ride on U.S. streets they are exposed. And in spite of the bike lanes on town roads that are busy, several drivers still will not admit the right of riders on the road, rendering auto and cycle collision a highway site every single day that is common.

The most frequent reasons for crash between cycles and motor vehicles are:

  • Car motorists immediately and abruptly turning in the front of bikers
  • Motorists, from parking places or driveways, reducing cutting a biker’s right of way and driving into traffic
  • Motorists neglecting to slow down at intersections
  • Drivers running a stop sign or traffic light
  • Motorists not getting moment to double check for incoming bikers
  • Reckless driving thanks to negligence or booze influence

In spite of the number of bicycle injuries, riding a bicycle should never be a viewed as a hazardous means of transportation or leisure action. Several cyclists have decided to ride along routes where they’ll be safer and appreciate their ride more if only to keep from the dangers that city roads present.

In the case of a collision, the culpable or reckless motorist must be made to face the consequences of his or her actions.

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